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Here are some of the most requested and used forms. Feel free to contact the department with any questions regarding any of the information below

Firearms Application & Registration Info

Voluntary Statement Form


Handicapped Placard Application

NJ Firearm Applications are done completely online now. Click the link below for our easy to follow instructions

Identity Theft Notice

Below you will be able to download a Voluntary Statement Form, which can be very useful for you, as well as our officers when it comes time to make a report

Consumer Protection

Click below to check out some helpful tips when it comes to scams and frauds

Download the below form to obtain a public record. This form is necessary for requesting a copy of a government record

NJ Consumer Affairs

Application for a handicapped placard can be found below. Click the link to download and complete the form

Firearms Consent to Mental Health

The link below will provide you with guidance for reporting your ID Theft to the FTC, as well as other consumer agencies

Permit to Carry Application and Instructions

Click the corresponding box for either instructions or the application

Click the button below to research more about professional/business licensing. You can also visit NJ Consumer Affairs website here

Click below to download a consent form

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