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A message from the Chief:

Chief's Message: Quote

The Borough of Stanhope is comprised of citizens who come from every walk of life and have always maintained a unified commitment towards caring for each of its members. I am proud to be a Stanhope Police Officer since 1988 and Police Chief since 2001. 


The primary philosophy of policing is Stanhope focuses on community policing. Each employee of the Stanhope Police Department is de facto a member of the community and approaches problem solving with the goals of the community in mind. I believe in the wisdom of Sir Robert Peel’s Principles of Law Enforcement (1829) and hold that all nine principles still apply. 


You will find all of the Officers to be highly trained. Constant updates for law enforcement techniques that will aid our community are provided to and tested upon Stanhope’s Officers. In addition to the broad spectrum of required knowledge and skills each Officer masters, an expertise in at least one unique field is developed in order to further increase our ability to safeguard the community.  


Please remember that our ability to aid weighs heavily upon the citizens willingness to communicate with us and acknowledge our part in the community. Do not hesitate to ask an officer a question or report a concern and do not shy from speaking with an officer about a non-police matter.

Chief of Police

Steven Pittigher

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